53 and counting…

Take out a piece of plain paper.  Draw a horizontal line from left to right across the page.  At the left end, put a dot.  At the right end do the same.

Now, imagine this is your life’s timeline.  The dot on the left denotes your birth.  The dot on the right…your death.  Where are you right now along this line?  Have you lived half your life?  Or do you still have 75% of it ahead of you?  Wherever you think you are…make an “X” on the line at that spot.

Not that long ago, my line looked like this:


I’m not going to show what I recently drew my line to look like…but let’s suffice to say when I marked the X it shocked me. Yes, my years are numbered.  We all suffer from the same affliction.  I’m not being morbid or fatalistic.  I’m just being a realist and acknowledging the average lifespan for a man my age, 53, means I’m closer to the X on the right than I am to the X on the left.

So now, what am I going to do about that?


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