Sacramento Heroes, Atlanta, & Clint

Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler from Sacramento thwarted an attack on a Paris train in 2015. 

They wrote a book which became a movie–filmed in Atlanta.  My friend David has driven me by the studios in Atlanta and it’s amazing to me that this move production area has sprung up so quickly.  And if you pay attention, there are lots and lots of films being made there now.  

The Atlanta studios interest me, and I’m from Sacramento and so the story interests me…but what interests (or saddens) me the most are these two pics of Clint taken in the last month or so while he was in Atlanta for the shoot.  

Clint was born in 1930.  He’s 87 now and I’m not looking forward to the day when…..  I won’t write it.

He made his spaghetti westerns in the early and mid-60’s and The Outlaw Josey Wales in 1976.  Gran Torino was in 2009.  I spent 60 minutes the other night watching movie clips of famous scenes from his westers and Dirty Harry films.  What a great actor.  A great hero.  
I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done.  Well, almost everything.  That monkey movie he did wasn’t all that great…

Camping on the Mendocino Coast of California

My parents used to take my sister and I when we were small to Russian Gulch camping all the time and it was our favorite “family” spot.  Over the years, I’ve been returning and returning and have branched out to MacKerricher and Van Damme as well. They’re all California State Campgrounds and are really great spots, with paved sites and bathrooms and showers.

Russian Gulch is by far my favorite as it’s nestled in a canyon with a stream running through it.  Green, lush, and cozy…the campground meets the ocean at a very nice beach with tide pools to check out.

Van Damme is nearly as nice.  Part of it is also situated along a stream, and there are also sites up on the hill surrounding a meadow.  Hard to go wrong with either of these.

And then MacKerricher, further north past Fort Bragg, is a more open campground and several of the sites have partial ocean views.  If you’re camping in a trailer or RV, MacKerricher is probably going to have the most spots to accommodate you but all three have sites for larger rigs.  The reservation system lets you know as you’re making your reservations.

All three campgrounds have hiking nearby.  Russian Gulch has a 6-mile round trip hike with gradual inclines that reaches a small waterfall at the turn-around point.  MacKerricher has a walk on a raised boardwalk out to bluffs with beautiful views of the coast.

The town of Mendocino is small and quaint and there are no shortage of restaurants and shops to satisfy most travelers.  It’s my favorite destination for just walking around or a nice dinner.  Try Cafe Beaujolais…a tiny house and just fantastic food.

Try late spring, early summer, or the fall–as the summer can get a bit foggy if you miss-time your visit.  Great destination–I guarantee you’ll enjoy your visit.

For some other good campground ideas in California, check out this blog…Waterbottle Weekends.

And if you enjoy photography as much as I do, check out my friend Michael Greene’s website here.  He and his wife live in Mendocino and what started as a hobby has turned into a real gift for others–and recently he had his first gallery showing.


So, How Do You Do This?


I saw the above pic this morning and I asked “How could I do this?” I’m sitting here in Mexico with a view of the ocean, sliding glass door wide open listening to the surf, and I pack up and leave in two days to go back to “work.”
So how could I switch from working 49 weeks and taking 3 off…to finding it hard to know when I’m working and when I’m playing? Here are some ways I could do this:

1. Practice photography and improve my skills to the point I could turn pro and make enough money selling my photos so that I could travel, take pictures, and earning a good living.”

2. Learn to play guitar and get good enough that hotels would hire me and I could travel almost anywhere and stay for free.

3. I could do what James Clear has done with his life. See his website here.

4. Set up a training company to teach leadership, management skills, and effective communication to the International hospitality industry to earn enough money to travel the world.

But in the end, I won’t do any of these. I’m quite happy with my life as it is. I get a lot of personal satisfaction working to transform, build, and lead business initiatives and help others execute.

I like spending time with my wife and friends.

I like the people with whom I work.

I like what my life means in the big picture.

imageSo while its romantic and idealistic to think about a “life from which you don’t need a vacation,” the fact is I like this life I’ve created and feel fortunate every day.

How about you?