Sacramento Heroes, Atlanta, & Clint

Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler from Sacramento thwarted an attack on a Paris train in 2015. 

They wrote a book which became a movie–filmed in Atlanta.  My friend David has driven me by the studios in Atlanta and it’s amazing to me that this move production area has sprung up so quickly.  And if you pay attention, there are lots and lots of films being made there now.  

The Atlanta studios interest me, and I’m from Sacramento and so the story interests me…but what interests (or saddens) me the most are these two pics of Clint taken in the last month or so while he was in Atlanta for the shoot.  

Clint was born in 1930.  He’s 87 now and I’m not looking forward to the day when…..  I won’t write it.

He made his spaghetti westerns in the early and mid-60’s and The Outlaw Josey Wales in 1976.  Gran Torino was in 2009.  I spent 60 minutes the other night watching movie clips of famous scenes from his westers and Dirty Harry films.  What a great actor.  A great hero.  
I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done.  Well, almost everything.  That monkey movie he did wasn’t all that great…