Do You Stop and Listen to the Music?

Skipping through your phone’s playlist is so easy…I sometimes wonder if we really value what we listen to or are we just grabbing “what’s easy?”

Before you go further, click the “play arrow” below and listen to “All Things Must Pass” while you keep reading this post.  The song is by George Harrison which is fittingly the ending piece for the Tower Records documentary (All Things Must Pass).

When you went to Tower Records (see the second link below if you have no idea what is Tower Records) and your choice was whether to plunk down $12 or $15 for an album or CD…you had to be sure you were going to like it.

And that’s where Tower Listening Stations became important to me.  In a store, mixed throughout the aisles and aisles of records…and later CDs, were these “listening stations” that featured 6 different CDs that you could preview through a set of headphones for that station, and definitely find out if you wished to purchase that album (CD).

I spent hours and hours at Tower Records at the Listening Stations previewing music I would ultimately buy.  I’ve been a music aficionado for most of my life and have always placed a high value on high-quality sound and the best artists.

Tower was my “hang-out.”

You know by now that Russ Solomon who created Tower Records died a couple of weeks ago here in Sacramento.  The New York Times had a pretty good write up of his life and Tower.

If you are even REMOTELY interested in music, knew Tower and were a fan…I highly recommend watching the documentary “All Things Must Pass.”

I’m sad that Tower is gone.  I’m sad that Russ Solomon is gone.  I feel like I knew him.

I wish I did.