Feeling Good About America

Lately I’ve felt a need to recharge my “America is great” batteries. I watched America: Imagine The World Without Her in 2014 when it came out and watched it again recently after feeling fatigued over the news on the political front.

I watched it again last night because I wanted absorb some material to help refresh my love for America and appreciation for being of this country.

If you haven’t watched it–I’d rent or buy it and take a look because it really helps establish that America and Americans have been on the side of “right” more than “wrong” more often than not.

And inside this film was this 1-1/2 minute clip of the musician Bono in a speech saying that “America is one of the greatest ideas in human existence.”

America IS an idea and is greater than any group or individual within it. Whether priest, politician, policewoman, or physician.

God Bless our Forefathers for their wisdom, strength, and fortitude in creating the greatest nation on Earth.