Happy Birthday STAR TREK

Fifty years ago it all began.  And I’ve been in love with “it” ever since.   I can lip sync certain episodes because I’ve watched them so many times. Of course, I’m talking about TOS (The Original Series).  Everyone knows the original series was the best, that Captain Kirk was the best, and that the original crew was the best as well (with all apologies to my step children Shane and Kaci).

Smithsonian Special: Building Star Trek

http://youtu.be/yCTbAM0ieUsShatner’s role of Kirk was always my favorite although Leonard Nimoy’s “Spock” was nearly as impactful.

I was so into Star Trek (along with my dad), that I bought books and read about the making of the series and learned a great deal about Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek’s creator.  He described Star Trek as “Wagon Train to the Stars” because there were such great stories, adventures–and often a moral lesson built into the episode.

So whether you’re a fan of TOS or just started watching when these past new Star Trek movies have come out–it’s a phenomenon that, according to critics in the 60’s–“would never make it.”

I guess 50 years running strong with movies and a new TV series in sight tell a different story…

Live long and prosper.