So, How Do You Do This?


I saw the above pic this morning and I asked “How could I do this?” I’m sitting here in Mexico with a view of the ocean, sliding glass door wide open listening to the surf, and I pack up and leave in two days to go back to “work.”
So how could I switch from working 49 weeks and taking 3 off…to finding it hard to know when I’m working and when I’m playing? Here are some ways I could do this:

1. Practice photography and improve my skills to the point I could turn pro and make enough money selling my photos so that I could travel, take pictures, and earning a good living.”

2. Learn to play guitar and get good enough that hotels would hire me and I could travel almost anywhere and stay for free.

3. I could do what James Clear has done with his life. See his website here.

4. Set up a training company to teach leadership, management skills, and effective communication to the International hospitality industry to earn enough money to travel the world.

But in the end, I won’t do any of these. I’m quite happy with my life as it is. I get a lot of personal satisfaction working to transform, build, and lead business initiatives and help others execute.

I like spending time with my wife and friends.

I like the people with whom I work.

I like what my life means in the big picture.

imageSo while its romantic and idealistic to think about a “life from which you don’t need a vacation,” the fact is I like this life I’ve created and feel fortunate every day.

How about you?

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